• 3234 16th Street, San Francisco

    The world's oldest professional piercing studio in operation!

    Since 1989




    All of our services are available by Walk-In everyday 12 noon to 7pm*

    *See holiday hours below

    We accept the following forms of payment:

    Cash, Credit, Debit, Gold Bars


    Shop Prices

    Piercing Service - Jewelry Not Included

    Traditional Earlobe Piercing Service $40 pair

    General Body Piercing Service $40 each

    Genital Piercing Service $80 each

    Jewelry Insertion or Stretch $10 each

    General Check Ups and Adjustments are always free!

    Tattoo Service

    Shop rate is $200/hour, $100 minimum. Paid direct to the artist.

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  • Staff

    Paul Stoll

    Owner, Piercer, Goldfinger

    Force of habit got him into the business. Paul started piercing himself when he was 15 years old back in 1989.

    He started piercing other folks by 1992 once Dakota Steel started selling him proper piercing needles. He then set up his first shop on Haight Street. Paul began working at Body Manipulations in 1996 and took on official ownership in April 2002, breaking Vaughn loose from the chains of business. Gaining a diploma at the Revere Academy of Jewelry in 2015 he started Goldfinger Jewelry. Running two small businesses is all the more pleasurable from a jeweler's bench!

    Christina Puncsak

    Jewelry Specialist and Front End Manager

    Jewelry Specialist

    Ayana Wray-Spearman

    Jewelry Specialist

    Alex Olejniczak


    Nessa Rule


    Tony Merritt


  • Tattoo

    Next Door in the Tattoo Annex 3242 16th Street

    Colin Stevens

    Tattooing since 1989. Colin was born and raised in Japan with his American parents. His father John Stevens was a student of ancient caligraphy and the author of the book "Sacred Calligraphy of the East". Colin moved to the USA in 1995 to work for the great Ed Hardy owner of Tattoo City. He worked for Ed until 2003 when he came to work for us.

    His specialty is large Japanese pieces, but he also loves to branch out into more personal artwork for his clients. He works by appointment only and is usually booked for about a month, so plan ahead. We are lucky to have him. I think he may well be one of the 5 most
    talented tattoo artists in the country.



    You can see his work on Instagram: @tengu315

  • Aftercare


    For all external piercing we recommend you wash your piercing twice a day for the length of your healing time. Mild castille soaps along with warm salt water soakings are strongly recommended.

    • Castille soaps are available at your local health food store. Body Manipulations carries Dr. Bronner's Baby Mild Castille Soap
    • Sea salt is available at any food store. Pure, non iodized sea salt. No other ingredients on the label. Body Manipulations carries Giusto's Natural Extra Fine Sea Salt. Giusto's Natural Sea Salt is harvested from the San Francisco Bay. This extraordinary product is extracted from the only living sea salt bed in North America and is 100% pure - there are NO FLOWING AGENTS, ADDED MINERALS or ANTI-CAKING AGENTS.

    Always wash your hands before handling your piercing. Do not
    touch your piercing unless you are cleaning it. If cleanser dries your skin, try diluting your cleanser with water. Do not apply any lotions, creams, or ointments as this may create a moisture rich environment for bacteria to thrive and cause an infection.


    Do not use:

    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Witch Hazel
    • Sea Breeze
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Any ointments gels or lotions

    Oral Piercings

    We recommend rinsing the inside of your mouth with an alcohol free anti-septic mouthwash after meals, upon waking, and before sleeping. If only alcohol based mouthwash is available, dilute it with 3 parts water.

    • Smoking will prolong or even inhibit healing an oral piercing.
    • No kissing or oral contact for 4-6 weeks. Avoid biting your fingernails or chewing on pens throughout your healing time.
    • If using mouthwash with alcohol like scope or listerine, dilute three parts water to one part mouthwash.


    For all new tattoos we recommend you wash them twice a day for the length of your healing. 

    • Wash your tattoo gently with soap and warm water.
    • Carefully blot it dry with a clean paper towel and apply a thin layer of appropriate ointment such as aquaphor or A&D. Wipe any excess ointment with a clean paper towel.
    • After the initial 4-5 days, or when your tattoo is no longer scabby, lubricate your tattoo with a mild hand or body lotion 2-3 times daily. This will help reduce itching from the dryness of the healing skin.

    If you are washing in the shower, clean your tattoo last to rinse away any soap or shampoo that could get into the tattoo.

    Tip - Ease your way into the flow of water from your shower. The water will feel much hotter on your tattoo than on the rest of you.

  • For Minors

    If you are under 18, you may be pierced with parental consent.  Your parent or legal guardian must accompany you for the procedure. You must present your parent's/guardian's ID and a copy of your birth certificate/guardianship papers. No exceptions!

    Shop policy limits the age of all body piercing to 16. Earlobes can be pierced after age 4.

    Federal law prohibits any genital or nipple piercing on minors.

    State law prohibits tattooing minors even with parental consent.


    Q: Do you take appointments?


    A: All of our piercing services (including jewelry insertions and check ups) are walk in only every day from 12-6:15 pm, no appointments. We highly recommend coming in by 5:30 on weekends to guarantee a spot in line if in the case we’re experiencing a high amount volume close to the end of the day and must make last call sooner. Please plan for at least 1 hour for your visit or 1-2 hours on the weekend to give yourself enough time to get any questions answered pre-procedure, browse our jewelry selection and make your pick, fill out a release form, factor in a wait time, and get through your procedure.


    Q: Can I bring in my kid for a piercing?

    A: All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legally appointed guardian for any ear or body piercing. The parent/guardian must provide their own government-issued ID as well as a physical full-sized copy of the minor’s birth certificate or legal documentation granting legal custody/guardianship each time they bring a minor in for a new piercing. The birth certificate may not be substituted by matching last names/resemblance or minor’s government issued ID, including a passport. State law prohibits the piercing of a minor’s nipples, genitals, or any surface/dermal piercings regardless of parental/legal guardian’s consent.


    Q: Re-piercing/Insertion:


    A: Depending on how long you previously wore jewelry in the piercing and how long it has since been empty, there’s usually a pretty high possibility of a jewelry insertion versus having to do an entirely new piercing altogether. In most cases if you’re able to put jewelry partially through an existing piercing but have difficulty inserting it completely, it’s more than likely just shrunk and can be reopened by a professional piercer with an insertion taper. The insertion taper appears similar to a piercing needle but has a rounded end that is smaller than the jewelry worn in your previous piercing and gradually increases in size, reopening the piercing and allowing for jewelry to follow. Although not the same as a brand new piercing, reopening a piercing that has been without jewelry for more than 1 month can still result in initial swelling or redness for a few days-weeks following but generally goes away relatively quickly in comparison to an entirely new piercing. In the case that we’re able to perform a jewelry insertion as opposed to a new piercing, you’re welcome to bring in the jewelry you’ve previously worn in the piercing to have it reinserted for a $10 insertion fee.


    If we’re able to determine that the piercing is actually closed entirely, re-piercing the area is treated just as any other new piercing with no difference in terms of healing/aftercare.


    If your interest in re-piercing altogether has to do with a placement issue, one of our piercers can consult with you regarding the possibility or correction based on the space allowed in the area of the piercing. If the placement requested for a correction is too close to an existing piercing, often times this results in the two piercings merging together and creating a larger hole. In this case, our piercers may recommend consulting with a dermatologist about having your existing piercing closed up in order to safely allow for a new piercing in the future.


    Q: Can I bring my own jewelry?

    A: We do not accept outside jewelry for body piercings unless it was previously purchased from Body Manipulations (or an equally reputable professional piercing studio) and is manufactured by one of our approved vendors. If you have already purchased jewelry elsewhere you’re welcome to bring it in for consideration at any time. If your jewelry is accepted, it must be kept overnight to be processed through sterilization prior to being used for an initial piercing. There is a $20 sterilization fee applied to outside jewelry for initial piercing in addition to the piercing fee.


    Q: I’m allergic to nickel, is your jewelry safe to use?

    A: All of the jewelry used at Body Manipulations is of the highest quality American-made materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturer’s defects. We offer a large selection of jewelry in implant-grade materials (titanium and steel) as well as solid gold to ensure maximum biocompatibility even for our most sensitive clients.


    Q: How do I know it won’t get infected?


    A: When piercings are properly cared for it is rare for infection to occur, although minor irritations tend to be relatively more common. Our piercers provide aftercare instructions at the time of your visit to best prepare you for what you can expect throughout the healing period and what to avoid to decrease the risk of irritation. If at any point you experience any cause for concern, come see us at your earliest convenience to consult with a piercer.


    Q: Do you use any numbing agents?


    A: In short, no. We do not offer or administer internal numbing agents via injection and topical solutions are ineffective. Our clients are often very pleased to find that our piercing procedures are very quick with minor discomfort, often times much less than expected.


    Q: I think my piercing is infected what should I do?


    A: Drop in at your earliest convenience to consult with a piercer as soon as any trouble begins to arise. Often times while we can make suggestions over the phone on how to alleviate swelling, it’s better to have someone get a look at it in person to properly assess the cause of irritation and minimize cause for concern. If you’re not local to us we’re happy to recommend a reputable studio within your area for you to visit in case you’re in need of any piercing services.


    Q: Do you offer branding/scarification/earlobe reconstruction?


    A: We do not offer any body modification services outside of piercing and tattooing.


    Tattoo appointment policy:


    If the tattoo design is something that doesn't require too much customization or drawing time there's a high chance we'll be able to do as a walk-in, in which case I'd advise you to call the day that you're looking to come in to see what our availability is like. Tattoo appointments are made directly with a tattoo artist and require an in-person consultation as well as a cash deposit. Consultations can be done on a walk-in basis every day from 1:30-6:30 pm


    Our shop minimum is $100 and the hourly rate is $200. Tattoo appointments are made directly with the artist in person and require a $40 non refundable cash deposit that goes towards the finished tattoo at the end of the session. Walk ins are welcome based on availability.You're welcome to come in any day after 1:30 to speak with an artist regarding appointment or walk in availability.

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