The World's Oldest Professional Piercing Studio!
SINCE 1989


Flying tiger circus



Thursday August 27th 2009 !
All Ages! 8pm - 1am
DNA Lounge

Join us in celebrating Body Manipulations 20 Year Anniversary.
Live on Stage:


Kichijoten - Aerial Straps
Kendra Greaves - Rope
Fleeky Flunky - Handbalancing
Jennings and Xiao Hong - Hand to Hand
Abby Munn - Static Trapeze
Xia Ke Min - Happy Chef

See rare archive video footage of historic suspensions, Sandbox, Haploid, Journey Through Pain, and other surprises!

A benefit for DNA Lounge Legal Defense Fund


Big White Monkey
and Xiao Hong Weng

Watch a Video Clip

August 2002

©2003 Body Manipulations

Jocasta flies above the crowd


Paul and Kris - Doubles Flesh Hook Trapeze

©2003 Kathe Hashimoto


Erik Dakota - Living Human Ka Bob

©2003 Kathe Hashimoto

Xia Ke Min - The Happy Chef!

©2002 Angela Goodman


Body Manipulations is well known for years of performance at fetish balls, parties, and private events. We have performed suspensions, marionette, tug-of-war, branding, bondage, cutting, and good old-fashioned blood-dripping piercing.

Vaughn has that industrial metalworker gene passed down by his father. He often enjoyed the initial unveiling of his various suspension racks more than being on stage. Vaughn always had some new idea of a frame to hang him in a different position. Good thing we have so much space in our basement to store those indespensible atifacts.

Paul has been on stage long before his involvement with Body Manipulations. Originally performing under the name "Haploid" he bashed metal and plastic to bits for noise shows. Once he arrived in San Francisco in 1993, it became his body that took the bashing. Always healing something, he ran a private series called "Journey Through Pain" out of his shop on Haight street. After that their was "Sandbox", held in an 8,000 sq ft wharehouse filled with sand and trees. There was a 3-ton overhead crane he always managed to incorporate. There were hooks, hundreds of needles, sharp nails, hot metal, straight razors, duct tape, hot wax, lots and lots of rope, and always a fainter in the audience. Ah...those were the days!

Flying Tiger Circus began as the 13th anniversary party for Body Manipulations. Produced and directed by Paul, this once a year show brings you all the above along with acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, handbalancers, platespinners and aerialists. A balanced display of the limits of the body. We make each show astonishing enough to bring your mother along, but we still let you see the blood!


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