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Body Piercing

An age-old tradition in many ancient cultures, a thriving new fashion in modern times.

Body Manipulations has been piercing since 1989. The first piercing studio in san francisco and oldest piercing shop in the nation. We never sold haircuts, bongs, clothing, incense, massage, psychic reading, records, statues, or toe-rings. Piercing is what we have focused on since our begining. Through the years we have strived to provide a professional healthy attitude executed with experience. You can expect to find a large selection of jewelry in steel, gold, and organics. We are known for our distinguished selection of fine gemstones and gold.

If you are considering coming in to get a new piercing, make sure you are prepared. You may want to eat something before coming in to help keep your blood sugar up. For optimal healing, get pierced when you are healthy and not healing anything else major in your body. If you are pregnant or even nursing, you should not get pierced or tattooed. Don't come drunk or under the influence of any recreational drugs, this only makes it hurt more and can make you more swollen than usual making placement innaccurate. Come in relatively clean, if you just got back into town from camping, you may want shower before letting us get up close and personal. Bring a few extra dollars to tip your piercer.


  Earlobe – The most traditional piercing we offer is done in a not so traditional way. We do not pierce anything with a gun. Even earlobes are pierced with a handheld piercing needle. We prefer using small 18g rings or titanium barbells for healing in ears. These titanium threadless barbells are an excellent replacement for the traditional ear stud. The need for a sharp edged butterfly backing is eliminated with this jewelry. The barbelss have a smooth ball backing and many choices in shapes and stones for the front. We will be happy to use studs that you supply as long as they are of good quality (solid 14k gold, titanium, or stainless steel) and have a smooth surface to heal on. We will never use an ear stud for any cartilage piercing.
Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks.

Ear cartilage – So many things you can put on an ear. Ear cartilage piercings include: Helix, Rook, Daith, Industrial, Tragus, Anti-tragus, Conch, and various other ear projects. Jewelry can be rings, barbells, or even something custom bent to accommodate happy healing for your ear. As long as the space is there, we can do it.
Estimated healing time: 3-6 months.

Eyebrow - Pierced with either a small curved barbell or a ring. This piercing is often a temporary one. Often the skin of an eyebrow is very flat. Without any ledge or lip to pierce there can be a little tension on both sides of the piercing. The skin will adjust to relieve this tension gradually moving the hole closer to the surface and finally pushing the jewelry completely out. Now this doesn’t always happen but we do see it a lot. If your eyebrow has more of a ridge to it the chance of it growing out is very small.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks.

Nostril – One of our most popular piercings. We have a wide variety of jewelry to choose from. Semi-precious as well as precious gemstones set in either white or yellow gold. Custom stones and settings are available. These stones are set on nostril screws which are lengths of wire that get custom bent to fit each individual. Adjustments to this jewelry are always free. You can also choose to start with a ring in stainless steel, white or yellow gold.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks.

Septum – If you put a finger up each nostril and squeeze them together on that little soft spot you have found where this one goes. Ideally a septum piercing misses all cartilage passing through only that soft spot. Sometimes that spot is not very big and then we have to nip a little cartilage but we prefer not too. They heal better and they are much more comfortable when they pierce no cartilage. Pierced with septum retainer, captive bead ring, or circular barbell.
Estimated healing time: 6-8 weeks.

Lip/Labret/Monroe – A ring in the lip, a post placed in the center below the bottom lip, or a post place off to one side above the upper lip. The labret post for a labret or a Monroe can have an unlimited number of threaded ends for it. Several different gemstones, shapes, spikes, beads. Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks.

Tongue – A quick healer and relatively painless. A straight barbell is really the best way to heal this one even if you want a ring at the tip later. A few hours after this piercing the tongue will swell up and make you talk like you have a mouthful. Suck on some crushed ice or Popsicles, and take some Ibuprofen or Aleve. If you have a job that requires you to talk to people, you may want to do this at the beginning of your weekend. The swelling becomes much more manageable after just a few days and within two weeks you can switch to a shorter bar that fits better. You tongue must not have too much webbing extending underneath it to get this piercing. The piercing cannot go through this webbing. Use your imagination; if the bottom ball rests too far forward, it may rub on your teeth and wear down your gums. Costly dental surgery!
Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks.

Lingual Frenulum – That webbing extending from the bottom of your tongue. This frenulum prevents you from swallowing your tongue and with more developed cases prevents you from talking well or even getting your tongue pierced. Not everybody has a visible lingual frenulum; but for those of you who do, why not get it pierced with a little ring or a little barbell! Quick to heal and painless.
Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks.

Nipple – Any nipple can be pierced, however some flatter nipples may reject the jewelry as earlier described for the eyebrow. This piercing on women will not change any part of future breast feeding, just make sure it is healed before you have to breast feed. This piercing will encourage the nipple to poke out more on its own even after removing the jewelry once healed. Usually done with 14 or 12 gauge rings or barbells, we can make recommendations based on the shape and size of your nipple.
Estimated healing time: Female 6-9 months, Male 3-6 months.

Navel – Although the most fashionable piercing, the hardest to heal. You must have a ledge for the piercing to hang onto and some depth to your navel to use that ledge. A ring or a curved bar can be worn and some are better for some than others. Before you get your hopes up, come in and have us look at your navel to make sure it has a good shape for healing.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 months.

Labia – Outer labia piercings are deeper and through tougher skin. They can take longer to heal than inner labia piercings. Either way there are lots of blood vessels in the area to help them heal quickly. These piercings are mainly for adornment, although for the more sensitive labia having a little weight hanging around couldn’t be bad!
Estimated healing time: Outer 9-12 weeks, Inner 6-8 weeks

Clitoral Hood – Here we’re talking about the little hood of skin that covers the clitoris and the clitoral stem. A hood piercing is done either horizontally with a ring through the hood shallow to the clitoral stem or vertically through the hood with a curved barbell leaving one bead on top and one bead right next to or even on top of the clitoris. A horizontal hood piercing will give you some indirect stimulation from the bead on the ring pressing down on your clitoris through the hood. A vertical hood piercing will give you direct stimulation from the bottom ball on a barbell. The barbell length can be changed along with the bead size for varying degrees of stimulation. With a new genital piercing you don’t have to wait for sexual activity, but please keep it clean. Wear a barrier like a condom, dental damn etc. Even if in a monogamous relationship you don’t want an infection from somebody else’s germs.
Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks.

Triangle – The placement of this one is crucial. Make sure you go to someone who knows what they are doing. Take a finger to each side of the clitoral hood and follow the clitoral stem down just above the clitoris. Now move behind the stem and you have found a soft little triangle of space under your stem and behind your clitoris. That is where a ring for a triangle piercing goes. This piercing offers stimulation from below the clitoral stem when pulled on. This piercing is deeper and takes longer to heal.
Estimated healing time: 2-3 months

Forchette – A ring or a barbell pierced where the labia meet at the bottom is a forchette. This piercing has a reputation of tearing out during certain activities but can be fun while it lasts.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks

Prince Albert – Almost a household word! The Prince Albert is worn through the opening of the urethra and down through a hole pierced on the bottom base of the crown of the penis. A larger gauge ring, circular barbell, or a curved barbell can be worn. Usually pierced at 10 gauge and are often stretched up in the future to larger sizes. This one bleeds quite a bit for the first day or so. A very fast healer constantly cleansed by the owner’s urine (sterile to your own system).
Estimated healing time: 4-6 weeks

Apadravya – The apadravya is vertical barbell through the head of the penis. The piercing is done by continuing the Prince Albert upward all the way through to the top. This piercing has the best reviews from women by far. It is however a very painful piercing and the top half can take a while to heal.
Estimated healing time: 3-6 months.

Ampallang – Horizontally placed through the head of the penis, it can be done through the urethra or not. We recommend the trans-urethral version for greater stability. Sometimes if it is not through the urethra, the piercing can migrate to crooked or even move all the way out. The needle is guided through the very sensitive tissue and through the stiff urethra. Come prepared with some food in your system, another very painful piercing.
Estimated healing time: 6-9 months

Dydoe – Dydoes are good for those with a well-defined ridge on the top edge of the crown of the penis. Usually done in pairs, short barbells are placed along the crown ridge on the topside of the head. These can really move around during healing if the ridge is too shallow. Nice little toys if they remain stable – gives the top edge of your crown a little stiffness.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks

Scrotum (Hafada) – Scrotum piercings are virtually painless and very easy to heal. Most people wear a ring through this piercing but you are not limited to it. Often, if placed in the center a barbell is worn. “Hafada” refers to a scrotum piercing placed to one side or the other on the scrotum. Just an old Hindi term really. They can be placed anywhere you want.
Estimated healing time: 6-8 weeks

Frenum – This piercing is named after its anatomical location, right down the middle on the bottom of the penis. Usually worn with barbells, but can have a ring that loops all the way around the top of the shaft. A frenum ladder is simply multiple frenum piercings. This piercing can increase sensitivity by pushing the sensitive tissue out there a little farther.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks

Foreskin – This is for those who are not cut of course. Simply pierced through the foreskin that hangs loose when flaccid. They should never be too deep or the piercing can restrict movement of the skin when erect. Ultimately they should hang off the edge as decoration when flaccid and when erect sit tighter against the shaft of the penis as the foreskin expands giving a French tickler effect.
Estimated healing time: 9-12 weeks

Guiche – Mostly worn by men, but can be done on women. The idea of this one is to put some weight along the perineum. Pierced at thicker gauges like 10g, because they take a real beating from the edges of the thighs. Can be worn with a ring or a barbell. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and horseback riders will take significantly longer to heal (you’ll be bouncing right on it – but that’s half the fun).
Estimated healing time: 6-9 months.

Other piercings – Hand webs, nape, dermal anchors, Madison, or any other surface piercing like the anti-eyebrow are usually temporary and come with their own risks. If you are interested in this sort of thing come in or call us for a consultation. We are perfectly willing and capable to perform these but we want you to know what you may be getting into before the needle is pushed.

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